2020 Hemp Growing Season is HERE!

Hasn't this year been a blast?
Well, the good news is, it's nearly over.  The best news is our 2020 Hemp growing season has started!!
Green Earth Farm | 2020 Hemp Growing Season has started
Photo by Guillermo Latorre on Unsplash
We've tried something NEW this year though!  
Previous years' seeding has involved the painstaking tilling, laying out reticulation pipes and sectioning off the small parcel of land from our animals.  This year, however, we've investigated the benefits of using a no-till technique to provide our hemp crop with the best start to life.  
For those of you that are interested, no-till means just that, no excessive turning and tilling of the soil.  On the surface this might not seem that important, but it's what's under the surface that really matters.
The soil, which our hemp needs to survive, is full of micro organisms that churn the soil and keep the roots healthy. The problem with tilling, is the action of turning the soil over and over is incredibly destructive to the fragile life of the micro-organisms that live there.  Often, once exposed to the sun and elements, causing micro-organism death.  The seeds that are then planted in a tilled paddock often needlessly struggle and may require supplemental feed (or fertiliser).  The other downside to tilling the soil is the removal of moisture from that soil - which is now exposed to the outside world and quick to dry out.
person holding yellow and green gardening shovel
When we first started on our hemp journey in 2016, we decided not to use additional fertilisers for our crops, and for the most part, we have had some great success with our organic farming practices and our hemp crops have been mostly bountiful throughout the years.
Still, we pondered if there was yet another way.  Was there somehow that we could protect our naturally occurring microbes that already lived and flourished in our farms' soil?  Of course.  That's when we discovered the no-till method.  We had already used the no-till method for our macadamia and other seeding (such as pasture cover crops) that we plant at the farm over the past few years, but had yet to try it with the hemp. (It took me some time to agree (better word perhaps should be believe) to my husbands suggestions ;-) )
Green Earth Farm | No Till | Hemp Seeds
Green Earth Farm | no till seeding | driplines save water
All was not lost on me (thankfully), and we decided 2020 was the year to start something new.  So, our new no-till planting has now been completed, with minimal fuss, and no disruption to our microbes!  Now, we (I, because hubby is not worried) anxiously wait for the first little heads to appear - so stay tuned for our 2020 (through to 2021) hemp journey!
Green Earth Farm | Hemp Seeds | No Till PlantingGreen Earth Farm | No Till Planting | Hemp Seed
Green Earth Farm | Hemp Seed | No Till Planting
With love, from the farm x

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