Have you Heard? Of Course you have!

Heard about Hemp?

Want to try Hemp Food, but don't know where to start?

As Hemp Farmers, we have many people asking us about hemp and that they've "heard that it's good for you"...  {First of all, it's not just good for you, it's GREAT FOR YOU!}    But what they don't know is just how easy it is to incorporate Hemp Foods into your daily diet!

Let's face it, Hemp packs a massive **PUNCH** when it comes to Health Benefits. Not only is it chock FULL of Vitamins & Minerals (like Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus & Vitamins C), Hemp also wipes the floor with all other plant based protein on the planet!  Being one of the only perfect plant based protein, containing all 20 Amino Acids. And, according to Nutritionists, hemp has one of the best ratios of Omegas 3 and 6 found in nature.

But.... you knew all that already, right?

So, let's cut to the chase ~

You want to add an extra health kick to your everyday food?  Hemp is such a versatile plant and can be found as; Seed, Protein Powder, and Oil, you name it - there's a good chance it's out there somewhere!

With so many options, how can you incorporate hemp into your daily diet?

Sprinkle Hemp Seeds on Everything

Green Earth Farm | Hemp Seeds | Health Kick

You heard me.  Hemp Seed is an amazingly versatile topping for both Savoury and Sweet Dishes.  I even sprinkle a generous handful on my eggs or on my cereal every morning! 

Sprinkle the seeds over a salad for extra fibre and protein, or drizzle some Hemp Seed Oil over for glowing skin and a boost of good fats.  Even your morning Avo & toast will benefit from a nutrient boost with a spoonful of Hemp Seed!

Really, the possibilities are endless, and the decision is yours!  Experiment and let us know!

Cook up a Hemp Pasta

Green Earth Farm | Hemp Seed Pasta | Health Kick

Oh. My. Word. Yum.  Cook up a storm in the kitchen by creating some Hemp Pasta - oh yes.  It's real.  Made with Hemp Flour (milled hemp seed - coming soon!), not only is Hemp Pasta loaded with plant based protein, easier to digest and gluten-free, it's a healthy (and tasty) alternative to wheat based pasta.

But it doesn't stop there!  Search online for pasta sauce recipes using hemp seed - very easy to make and delicious to boot!

And for the adventurous.....

Hemp Seed CHEESE

Green Earth Farm | Hemp Seed Cheese | Yummy Food

Did someone say cheese?  Y.U.M.  There are tons of recipes around on how to make Cheese from Hemp Seed.  Here's a recipe we've found for you. So if you're feeling adventurous, and want a plant based alternative, go for it!

Plop some Protein Powder in your Smoothies

Well, sort of goes without saying doesn't it?  A healthy treat to start the day or a mid-morning Snack, Smoothies are delicious at any time of the day!  Simply add a spoonful of Hemp Protein Powder into your regular smoothie recipe or find more recipes online.  Did you know that Hemp Seed has the same amount of Protein as beef (REALLY!) gram for gram.  Adding a powerful boost of Hemp Protein Powder can certainly up your smoothie game!

Treat yourself

Green Earth Farm | Chocolate Hemp Balls | Hemp Seed Recipes

Making a super yummy 'snack' can be time consuming and is often skipped in favour of processed and packaged products from the supermarket.  Why not use your supply of Hemp Seeds to make your own Superfood Snack!  Packed with a punch and full of delicious goodness, snacking will no longer be a 'guilty' pleasure.  Here's our spin or a super delicious afternoon Hemp Snack.

So, what are you waiting for!

Let us know what recipes you love and can't get enough of :)  If you loved this article, please share with your friends!

With love, from the Farm x



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