The Battle Continues... Hemp Seed v Hemp Protein

So what's the deal?
One of the most common questions we get asked, is "What's the difference between Hulled Hemp Seeds and Hemp Protein Powder?"
Here we go hempsters....

Hulled Hemp Seeds {or Hemp Hearts}

Green Earth Farm | Hulled Hemp Seeds
Hulled Hemp Seeds are considered a 'whole food', so they do contain a good amount of Protein - normally around 30%.  And, yes, it's true that Hemp Protein Powder starts off as Hemp Seed.
But, that's where the similarity ends.
Hulled Hemp Seeds have the perfect Omega 6 + Omega 3 fatty acids and could be considered more of a healthy fat, than a protein.
Here's some nutritional facts on Hulled Hemp Seeds:
Green Earth Farm | Hulled Hemp Seed | Nutritional Facts

Taste?  I actually prefer the taste of hulled hemp seeds, particularly when they're roasted, like these. But you can use raw or roasted hemp seeds on practically anything - eggs on toast, avo, breads or even ice cream.


Hemp Protein Powder

Green Earth Farm | Hemp Protein Powder

Looking for a super Protein boostHemp Protein Powder is the answer.

The Hulled Seeds, having been crushed and squeezed to extract most of the oil, then become what is known as hemp seed cake - doesn't sound very appealing, does it!?

The hemp seed cake, now devoid of most fats and moisture, is then milled and ground to create a fine powder that is very high in fibre (the powder is quite low in protein at this point).  This high fibre powder is then sifted again to remove the fibre content which leaves the fine powder we all know as Hemp Protein Powder.

A bit of a process, but for a high protein powder that packs a punch, you can't really go past it.

Here's some nutritional facts for Hemp Protein Powder:

Green Earth Farm | Hemp Protein Powder | Nutritional Facts

You can see how the Fat content in Hemp Protein Powder has practically disappeared, yet the Protein content has nearly doubled!

Taste?  I'll let you decide, but suffice to say, I prefer my protein powder mixed into tasty stew's, casseroles or in a fruit smoothie.

So the Hempsummary?

Short and sweet ~

  • Hulled Hemp Seed is a FAT SOURCE (Healthy Fat)
  • Hemp Protein Powder is a PROTEIN SOURCE.

I will mention that, regardless of how you eat them, Hemp be it seeds, protein powder or oil, is a nutritional powerhouse.  They digest very easily and are full of Omega 6 & Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

High in magnesium, which helps you fall asleep at night, relaxes your muscles, controls blood sugar, blood pressure and is especially good for your bone strength.

Hempting isn't it?

With love, from the farm xo


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